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Commercial carpet cleaning 101: What to Expect

The Turkish Area Rug

Is made of fade-resistant, stain-resistant and power-loomed polypropylene in a 0.45 inch pile or so, which is the perfect type of carpet to roll out in restaurants that tend to have loads of stains and spills as well as high-traffic areas like the mall. With that said, although the rug can withstand stains more than you average household carpet, it can still get pretty filthy. How do you go about Commercial carpet cleaning? You should call a professional, for one thing. For another thing, you should find one that engages in clean-and-green, high-temperature, high-pressure, and highly effective hot water extraction cleaning. It’s known to give all sorts of upholstery and carpets their truest clean, like they’re brand new. They can get your area rug ready for use in everyday life in short notice as well. It’s like dry cleaning but without the biohazard or deadly chemicals.



Giving Area Rugs Their Truest Clean


  • Essential Facts and Tips about Cleaning Upholstery: Preserve the look and feel of your couch, living room chair covers, pillow cases, curtains, carpet, rugs, and other pieces of upholstery without wrapping them permanently in plastic to keep the dirt from landing all over them even though they look like unsold warehouse items. Instead, keep the dull look of being all dusty by keeping them vacuumed regularly and cleaned weekly. You can also depend on getting rid spills with a process known as hot water extraction Commercial carpet cleaning.


  • Risk of Mildew or Mold Buildup Reduced: By giving rugs their truest clean through hot water extraction cleaning, you will reduce your chances of mildew or mold buildup by 100% practically. This is because your carpet or other pieces of upholstery are quickly dried after the vacuum sucks up all the water inside of them. You will then be left by the cleanest and most dirt-free of carpets that smell fresh and have zero stains to boot. Ditto when it comes to your rugs, chair covers, curtains, and tablecloths.


  • Make Sure Your Upholstery Is Clean, Fresh, and Fluffy: Hot water has a way of melting the dirt away like chocolate without similarly ripping up your upholstery by their seams. It’s just water, after all. It won’t chemically react to sugary solutions that will then turn into permanent stains on your carpet or curtain fabric. It won’t completely whiten the fabric either like bleach would. The lint will be kept at a minimum because there’s less risk of cloth and thread tear with this cleaning method. It’s much gentler on fabrics than any other bottled product out there claiming the same thing.