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Are You A Coffee Snob?

Is your definition of good coffee different than most people you know, most restaurants you go to, and certainly from the local grocery store? Do you look forward to driving an extra 10 minutes out of your way for the privilege of purchasing a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop?

Do you own or manage a high-qualitycoffee shop that caters to people who appreciate a great grind? Are you proudthat your shop pays extra for truly high quality coffee beans, even though a large percentage of your customers wouldn’t notice the difference?

If so, then you are a coffee snob and you’re proud of it. We feel exactly the same way.

Coffee Snob offers only high-quality, unique products for coffee snobs like you. Please take a moment to browse our catalog, or join our Coffee Snob Community Forums and mailing lists. We hope you’ll find something you like for yourself or that you would like to offer your customers.